Lorena Dew

I am still in my early years of practice, but I have gained a lot of confidence and learned to trust my inner voice to guide me through the process.  My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and the colours that blossom from it. I love vibrant and expressive colours and usually have a pretty definite idea which ones to use and how each compliment the other.

Sometimes I can finish a painting in a few hours, other times it can sit for weeks and sometimes months.  I usually step back, and arrive at a point and know my painting is done. I find pleasure when people look at my work and smile, I know I am bringing a little bit of happiness to their day.

Website: www.lorenadew.com

Facebook: @Lorenadew ART

Instagram: @dewskitchen & #lorenadew

Email: lorenalanzaderas@hotmail.com