Orshy Mulqueen

Orshy Mulqueen is recognized for her watercolours. Her impressionistic style is ever-evolving into unusual abstract transparency-like effects. Now acrylics are her passion and expression for her bold contemporary colours and brush strokes.

Orshy’s love of nature and the changing colours of the seasons not only play a huge part in her life and art, but also in the design of her colourful English gardens. Having lived in an old Victorian home influenced her eclectic design from yesteryear to contemporary. Her love of the outdoors and her pursuit of plein-air have led her to France, Spain and Mexico.

Orshy has exhibited in galleries and art shows. In addition to the NTGA, she is also a Member of the Toronto Women’s Art Association, and the Don Valley Art Club.


Facebook: Orshy Mulqueen Art

Instagram: @OrshyMulqueen

Email: artiste400@gmail.com